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Nightbaking because it’s chilly and I don’t want the extra plums and cream from the tart to go to waste


Made some green cat cookies for St. Patrick’s Day. Also, I started up a new blog over at where I’ll be posting these kinds of things regularly!

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Yesterday’s Plum and Almond Cream Tart is definitely better having sat in the fridge overnight.



I want to try making macaroons this year :3
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Follow for more food porn!

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Vegan Banana Oat Pancakes with chilled coconut cream instead of butter.

I am in heaven! 😍

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Green Apple Cheesecake, Fine Foods, Hong Kong

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Rainy day pick-me-up dinner was all about the baked asparagus and frozen raspberries


Tartlets with Mascarpone, Almonds & Rum (by Patrizia Miceli - Via delle rose)

recipe here

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