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Made some Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream on a whim with the last of my Trader Joe’s goodies from kasamatsus-abs


what a time to be alive

My Mom doesn’t know it yet

but next time I visit this is what I’m making us


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Dear god

Step 1: Eat all the ingredients.

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Poached Egg & Blood Sausage Crumpets

Blood Sausage / Eggs / English Crumpets / Chives / White Wine Vinegar / Butter

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what is the MAGIC

it’s called mochi!

it’s like ice cream in a soft skin!

also, it’s fucking amazing!

This is もちアイス (mochiaisu) and the “soft skin” is pounded rice cake. The white stuff you see on the outside is powdered sugar so they won’t get sticky. It’s very delicious on a hot day and you can get these at the right self-serve frozen yogurt joints. Unfortunately North America sells one mochiaisu for a dollar and some cents whereas in Japan you can get these by the boxful in any supermarket.

Want it. Nnh

you can make it yourself at home folks! Mochi is really simple to make, all you have to do is take 2 cups rice flower, mix with 1 cup water and 1/2 cup sugar, boil it in a pot or put in a ceranwrap covered bowl and put in microwave for 7 minutes. turn off the heat and stir it until it becomes solid and sticky. Then you can roll it into balls with a little bit of rice flour on top to keep it from being too sticky. Then you can eat it just like that, cover a scoop of ice cream and freeze it to make this, or you can make Strawberry Daifuku which is strawberries and red bean paste (anko) wrapped in mochi. I make it all the time!

Aww damn i gotta do this!!

Tooootally making some of these with crazy dairy free ice creams this summer :}

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pa que sepan!

Good to know ;)

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Pretty pasta salad for dinner :}


Bacon Maple Shortbread

We have bacon, and we have maple syrup, so I am seeeriously contemplating making this right now…

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Tortilla pizza with arugula on top. Fast, easy, and tasty! Will definitely be making this one again soon.

Nightbaking because it’s chilly and I don’t want the extra plums and cream from the tart to go to waste


Made some green cat cookies for St. Patrick’s Day. Also, I started up a new blog over at where I’ll be posting these kinds of things regularly!

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Yesterday’s Plum and Almond Cream Tart is definitely better having sat in the fridge overnight.



I want to try making macaroons this year :3
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