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The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.
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This week, we have seen excessive force used against non-violent protesters at UC Berkeley, UCLA, CSU Long Beach, and UC Davis. Student, faculty and staff protesters have been pepper-sprayed directly in the eyes and mouth, beaten and shoved by batons, dragged by the arms while handcuffed, and submitted to other forms of excessive force. Protesters have been hospitalized because of injuries inflicted during these incidents. The violence was unprovoked, disproportional and excessive.

We are outraged by the excessive and unnecessary force used against peaceful protests.

We are outraged that the administrations of UC campuses are using police brutality to suppress dissent, free speech and peaceful assembly.

We demand that the Chancellors of the University of California cease using police violence to repress non-violent political protests. We hold them responsible for the violence and believe it can only result in an escalation of outrage that holds the potential for even more violence.

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This is important. Pepper spray should only ever be used to pacify a dangerous suspect. In this case it is being administered as a punishment, in clear violation of the 8th amendment and Article Five of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Activist were peacefully protesting on their campus at University of California, Davis Quad.

Friday afternoon police showed up in riot gear to disperse the protesters by using pepper spray at point-blank range.

The officer who pepper-sprayed UC Davis students is Lt. John Pike. Give his PD a call. 530-752-1727

The video’s worse.

Oh you gotta be fucking kidding me.



This. Is. Disgusting.

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Good question.


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The twitter trends map that seems to indicate that the hash tag #occupywallstreet is in fact being censored in North America
[via: Alexander Higgins Blog]


The twitter trends map that seems to indicate that the hash tag #occupywallstreet is in fact being censored in North America

[via: Alexander Higgins Blog]

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Uncut Interview of the Day: Courtesy of‘s Kyle Christopher comes this unaired footage of Occupy Wall Street protester Jesse LaGreca taking the news media (and particularly Fox News) to task for their coverage of the ongoing demonstrations — now in their third week — in an interview taped for On the Record w/ Greta Van Susteren, which, “shockingly,” was abandoned on the cutting room floor.


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Power, Privilege & Making A Difference

An interview with Allan Johnson from 2006 on his book Power, Privilege & Difference.

His thoughts and ideas are so pertinent to so many things I feel strongly about right now, most notably Occupy Wall Street, that I just had to share.

Stop the Silence.

Watch this interview and pass it on!


Follow Up of the Day: A second video has surfaced online appearing to show pepper-spraying NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna — a known civil rights violator — matter-of-factly dousing a second set of Wall Street demonstrators with the painful inflammatory agent.

Bologna “looked as if he were spraying cockroaches,” remarked the New York Times after viewing footage of the now-infamous incident, which took place during this weekend’s Occupy Wall Street protests.

After initially calling the use of pepper spray “appropriate,” the NYPD reversed course today, announcing that an internal investigation would take place.

The incident will also be reviewed by the Civilian Complaint Review Board, “an independent agency that investigates allegations of police misconduct.”

[observer / nyt / cityroom.]


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Another Follow Up of the Day: Brooklyn resident Chelsea Elliott, one of several kettled women who were pepper sprayed with impunity by NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna during this weekend’s Occupy Wall Street protests, speaks to Animal New York about the now-infamous incident.


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My name is Kelly Schomburg, I’m the girl with the red hair in these pictures. I was protesting at the Occupy Wall Street march yesterday when I and several other women were sprayed with mace and subsequently arrested. Many have already seen the video, which has been spreading like wildfire over twitter, Facebook, tumblr, and other video feeds, along with hundreds of other photos and videos. This is my recount of what happened.

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 This made my blood boil.

America the free my ass.

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